Science is usually taught discretely in school, but concepts can be approached through our Skills Based Curriculum topics, especially in the EYFS (through Understanding of the World) and KS1.

We hope to engage and motivate the children in all aspects of science learning. Science objectives from the National Curriculum are followed and are revisited throughout Years 1 and 2 to ensure they are revisited over the Key Stage.

In KS2, the children further develop their scientific knowledge in the areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics ensuring that they have a good knowledge base for when it is time to go to high school.

The children are encouraged to “Work Scientifically” and carry out observations, investigations and research. We encourage mastery and deep learning through our’ Super Scientist’ challenges.

We strive to develop a love of the subject and enhance our learning through real-life situations, trips and visits and the use of the outdoors – including our Outdoor Classroom.

National Curriculum Science