Teaching Children to Read at Emmanuel Holcombe

In Key Stage 1 children are taught phonics through the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme. Other resources used to support the teaching of phonics include ‘

 Reading begins in Reception where children will take home picture books initially, followed by phonics and ‘tricky’ words.

 The Pearson Bug Club (Alphablocks) scheme is used for home reading and is supplemented with various other schemes.

 For Guided Reading in Key Stage 1 we use Collins ‘Big Cat’ books. These are not books that are taken home, but are used for taught reading sessions in the classroom.

 Rapid Readers’ is also used for accelerating reading for the children who may need additional support with their reading.

 At Key Stage 2 a wide range of different reading material is used to support individual reading library books are often used. We use a range of texts including fiction and non-fiction for Guided Reading. We also use the Pearson ‘Bug Club’ which includes on line ‘eBooks’ including comprehension.

Our Curriculum

At Emmanuel Holcombe, we teach English through dedicated English lessons across the school. These have slightly different formats depending on the age and stage of the pupils.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception) there is a great emphasis on speaking and listening as well as phonics. This is delivered daily, following the Letters and Sounds programme. Work is planned around a chosen topic using relevant, exciting texts which encourage a love of speaking, listening and writing.

In Key Stage 1 all pupils have a daily English lesson. This involves speaking and listening, reading and writing. Phonics lessons continue on a daily basis, Comprehension skills are introduced and Grammar is taught according to the National Curriculum 2014 guidelines.

Key Stage 2 classes have dedicated English lessons which build on the skills taught in Key Stage 1. Children read whole class texts, learning about different genres of writing and developing their understanding. Focussed work also includes Comprehension, Spelling and Grammar and Punctuation lessons. Guided reading sessions take place each week where pupils have the opportunity to discuss texts with an adult and all our children are encouraged to read a variety of texts to help them develop a life-long love of reading.

Year 1 English Curriculum

Year 2 English Curriculum

Year 3 and 4 English Curriculum

Year 5 and 6 English Curriculum

Year 1/2 Spelling Lists

 Year 3 and 4 Spelling Lists

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