Following its introduction in September 2014, Emmanuel Holcombe C.E. Primary School follows the new National Curriculum.  We have invested a great deal of time and energy to ensure that our new curriculum is specifically tailored towards the needs and interests of the children.  Through the curriculum, we aim to prepare pupils for the opportunities, experiences and responsibilities of adult life and to lay a firm foundation for future learning.  We seek to provide a broad, balanced differentiated curriculum and offer a wide range of exciting, challenging activities and experiences to all pupils irrespective of ability, background, ethnic origin or gender.

We acknowledge that people learn in many different ways and we recognise the need to develop strategies that allow all children to learn in ways that suit them.  Opportunities are planned to cater for a range of different learning styles to ensure that all children can access the curriculum and learn in a way that is best for the individual.

A Guide For Parents to the New Curriculum